Gene Simmons Had A Complete ‘Dad Meltdown’ After Finding Out His Daughter’s Engagement


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter and singer Sophie Simmons talked about her engagement in an interview with ET Canada. The musician shared her father’s reaction when he learned she would marry soon.

Sophie, the daughter of famous model Shannon Tweed and worldwide known artist Gene Simmons, decided to become a musician like her father. Her singles include ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Burn Me Down,’ and collaborations with Rebel, Yellow Claw, and Sam Feldt got critical acclaim. Of course, as a price of fame, the singer’s relationships have always been on the news; her photos with Nick ‘Mosh’ Marshall,  Christopher James, and James Kimble were in the magazine’s headlines.

Last year, Sophie posted a photo with her ex-boyfriend, Kimble, on Instagram, but then she became more private about her relationships until a short time ago. On July 7, her 30th birthday, Simmons revealed that she was engaged with James Henderson, and it made her family, friends, and fans happy and excited. Later, the KISS bassist shared the good news about her daughter with a backstage photo of her.

In addition, following the reporter’s question, Sophie stated that her mom had known about that proposal for weeks. Her fiancé, Henderson, told Simmons only two hours before the proposal because Gene was known for being unable to keep a secret. Sophie said Gene Simmons was surprised by it and started asking several things about the engagement. Sophie described her father’s behaviors as a ‘complete dad meltdown.’ 

ET Canada’s tweet read:

“‘Complete dad meltdown.’ Singer-songwriter Sophie Simmons reveals how her father, Gene Simmons, reacted to her recent engagement.

Simmons shared the situation, saying:

“They were there. My mom knew for weeks, and my dad was told two hours before. He was hilarious. He can’t keep a secret, so he just told him two hours before. He was like, ‘I just feel like this is coming out of nowhere, does she know? Are you going to take her somewhere?’ He was like complete dad meltdown.

You can check out the tweet below.