Gene Simmons Gives An Update After Having A ‘Simple’ Procedure

Even if it is for a minor procedure, the news of a loved one being in the hospital is always a scare for everyone involved. KISS bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons took to his official Twitter account to share a video of him lying in a hospital bed while wearing a medical gown to update his fans about his most recent procedure to remove excess kidney stones.

“Hey, thanks for the calls, but honestly, I’m fine,” wrote Simmons to inform fans about his condition and to thank them for their good wishes. “Shannon took the video. Just cleaning the tubes for excess kidney stones.” The musician had to undergo kidney stone surgery in 2019, so this wasn’t the first time the vocalist had a similar procedure. The previous operation involved the doctors inserting a stent in his urethra to help him pass his stones, and a week after, it was removed.

He continued, “It looks awful, but really no big deal. It took an hour; then I drove to have a hot dog. I appreciate your good wishes.” The vocalist wanted to assure fans that it was a minor procedure that took no time at all, and he felt so good that he immediately went to get some street food.

KISS had launched its ‘End Of The Road’ farewell tour in 2019 but was forced to put its farewell run on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic. The tour originally scheduled to end last summer has been extended to 2023, which will also be the band’s 50th anniversary. The band is also gearing up to perform at the ‘Hell & Heaven Festival’ this coming December in Mexico.