Gene Simmons Gets Emotional Seeing A Rare Picture Of His Deceased Mother

On Twitter, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has responded to a fan’s tweet displaying an old picture of Gene and his deceased mother Flora Kelin by mentioning how much he missed his beloved mother.

As he previously revealed in the interviews he joined, Gene Simmons’ mother Flora Klein was subjected to the horror of the Nazi concentration camps, and that affected Simmons deeply when he learned what she endured back then at a very young age. Simmons revealed that his mother didn’t mention anything about that time period to him, seeing the historical documents compiled for him for the first time. After surviving the Holocaust, his mother lived a long, happy life though, passing away peacefully at the age of 93 in 2018.

Simmons also admitted that his mother was also the reason why he stayed away from alcohol and drugs and remained clean, as the pair made a deal when Gene first mentioned his intention to join a band. She is known to be an important inspirational figure for Simmons, and he gets emotional every time he remembers his mother.

According to a recent tweet by Simons, he is still touched deeply by thinking of his mother. Upon seeing a tweet by a fan who shows him a picture of him and his mother, celebrating his 4th of July and saying ‘no women will ever look at him like his mother did,’ Simmons responded that she was everything to him, appearing to be deeply affected.

The KISS fan shared Gene and his mother’s picture with a caption saying:

“Gene, I saw this and thought no woman will ever look at you like she did. Mom’s are the best! Happy 4th my friend.”

Simmons responded to the tweet:

“My Mother. She was everything to me.

Below is the tweet Simmons has posted.