Gene Simmons Files Lawsuit Against A Scammer Who Uses His Name


KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a tweet to draw his fans’ attention to a fake account trying to imitate him. Simmons advised them to avoid the account, and he stated that he will find who opened that Twitter account by using his name.

As you may know, some people have wanted and tried to look like and act like the celebrities they admire. Therefore, some of them start to copy their styles by wearing the same clothes while the others choose to pursue the same professions such as actor, singer, and dancer to meet them in person and maybe even collaborate one day.

After social media became a part of people’s daily lives, the fans got the chance to see the details of their life off stage and express their adoration through their various social media accounts. They tend to create fan accounts to share news, information, and recent updates about them. However, some people aim to make a profit from celebrity accounts.

Gene Simmons, who has millions of fans and almost one million followers on Twitter, became a target of the people who want to use his name to make money. Therefore, Simmons shared the account’s user name, ‘genesimmonsprvt,’ and warned his fans. Also, he revealed that he has been trying to find him and will file a lawsuit as soon as he discovers who the impostor is.

Simmons’ tweet read:

“Hey, this guy is a scammer – ‘genesimmonsprvt.’  Avoid him. Meanwhile, we are tracking him down so he can get a nice comfortable bed next to his cellmate.”

You can see the tweet below.