Gene Simmons’ Favorite Contemporary Rock Band


KISS bassist Gene Simmons‘ first appearance on the rock stage and step to a professional career might be a New York-based rock and roll band, Wicked Lester. Its previous name was Rainbow, and then the founders Simmons and Paul Stanley learned that there was already a group with the same name. Therefore, Rainbow became Wicked Lester, but they couldn’t continue to create and release works together.

After Stanley and Simmons weren’t happy with the group’s style, they formed KISS, which would reach massive success and popularity thanks to their unique makeup, looks, stage personas, shows, and music. KISS competed with several bands over the years, but its members didn’t forget to give credit to the ones they admired. In one of them, Gene Simmons chose a group as his favorite contemporary rock band.

The Band That Gene Simmons Found Interesting


Muse members took place in various separate bands while studying at Teignmouth Community College in the ’90s until their paths crossed. Their story began when drummer Dominic Howard recruited guitarist and singer Matt Bellamy’s band Carnage Mayhem, later turned into Gothic Plague. Shortly after, Chris Wolstenholme joined them as the bassist. Gothic Plague was renamed Rocket Baby Dolls with their goth-glam image.

Rocket Baby Dolls attended and won a local battle of the bands, which made them seriously think about a professional career as a band. Their name eventually became Muse, and they began working on their sounds and lyrics; they released their debut studio album entitled ‘Showbiz’ on September 7, 1999, in France, on September 28, 1999, in the United States. It received very positive reviews from the critics, and the success continued with eight more records.

Along with rock music lovers and critics, many predecessors and longtime musicians such as Simmons praised the band’s well-crafted music and performances in one of his previous conversations with Songfacts. The KISS bassist shared his thoughts, saying that Muse was one of his favorite contemporary rock bands, along with Radiohead. Simmons highlighted Muse, one of a kind band that was founded within a decade.

The reporter’s question read:

“You mentioned Radiohead earlier. Do you have other favorite contemporary bands?”

Simmons responded:

“I think Muse is the most interesting band to come out in 10 years.”

Though Muse and KISS’ music genre and sound couldn’t be more different than one another, Gene Simmons thought there was something special about the relatively young band. Since the bassist gained a reputation for being unapologetically honest about his opinions, he must be expressing his true feelings for the band.