Gene Simmons Explains If He Ever Worried About The Death Of His Career With KISS

KISS bassist Gene Simmons opened up about the notion of death during a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald revealing if he ever worried about the death of his music career and apparently, Simmons would be grateful for the time he had with KISS even it was for a couple of years.

As many of you know, Gene Simmons has an admirable music career that spans over more than five decades mostly with the legendary band KISS with whom he’s the bassist and co-lead singer as well as the co-founder with lead singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley in the early 1970s.

KISS is an ultimate, instantly recognizable rock band with its members’ iconic make-up and costumes, being regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time, in addition to being one of the best-selling bands of all time, having sold more than 75 million records worldwide, and finding itself a higher place in every list created by respectable magazines.

The band also produced a few of the greatest albums in rock and metal history such as the 1975 album, ‘Alive!’ the 1976 recording, ‘Destroyer,’ the 1977 album, ‘Love Gun,’ and so many more along with countless chart hits all of which Simmons contributed as being one of the two constant members of KISS.

During an interview about the concept of death, Gene Simmons was asked if he ever feared for his career to come to an end, and apparently, KISS bassist was never afraid of the death of his career since he started from nothing and appreciated everything he had along the way.

Therefore, if KISS’ career was to end two years after forming the band, Gene Simmons would be grateful for the time he had with the band just because his dreams came true incredibly rapidly and even bigger than his imagination. In addition to this, Simmons gave a piece of advice to all o his fans, to stay humble.

Here is what the interviewer Benjamin Law asked:

“Have you ever worried about the death of your career?”

Here is what Simmons said:

“No, and I’ll tell you why. I wasn’t born in the United States. I came here at eight-and-a-half years of age and I just couldn’t believe the astonishing things that existed here. I’d never seen a television set before. I came from a new country in the Middle East – Israel – that hardly had any infrastructure in the early 1950s. The fact my dreams came true so fast – and so big – means, quite honestly, that if KISS had only existed for two or three years and that was the end of it, that would have been OK. The short story is, be grateful. Try to be humble.”

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