Sting’s New Album ‘Duets’ Featuring Eric Clapton, Annie Lenox And Many More, Was Sold Out On Its Release Date


The English musician and former member of the Police, Sting, recently posted a teaser on his Instagram account and announced that his new compilation album named ‘Duets’ featuring seventeen musicians was released on March 19 and it has already sold out.

The 69 years old musician, who has achieved worldwide fame both as the co-founder and primary songwriter of the Police and with the successful solo career he launched in 1985, is apparently far from retiring. In his recent Instagram post, he informed his fans about his latest album ‘Duets’ while announcing the release of yet another single ‘Englishman / African in New York‘ in collaboration with Shirazee, that is not featured in the album.

‘Duets’ can be best described as a compilation album, which as the title suggests, consists of duets with fellow musicians. In this album, there is no strict genre or theme. It is rather a collection of Sting’s most loved songs, sung in collaboration with talented musicians such as Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, Cheb Mami, Shaggy, Mylène Farmer, and twelve more.

As you can see, the artists that Sting collaborated with vary from rockstars to pop and rap musicians, which reflects the richness of his new album. Nonetheless, it’s probably a good idea to inform you that the CD version of ‘Duets’ is currently out of stock as it sold out on the day of its release, however, keep an eye out because it will probably become available soon.

Here is what Sting said in the caption of his recent post:

My new albumDuetsis out now! Order on CD & vinyl here – link in bio. And check out my newest duet, ‘Englishman / African in New York’ with Shirazee – link in Story Highlights.”

Click here to check out Sting’s recent post, here to have a look at his new album ‘Duets’ and you can watch ‘Englishman / African In New York‘ below.