Gene Simmons Criticizes Streaming Services For Their Royalty Payments


KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post about streaming services’ payment policies for a per-stream on his official Twitter account which supported his claims about ‘Rock is dead.’ Simmons highlighted that the new artists cannot pursue their professional careers because of these streaming services.

Previously, Gene Simmons said that ‘Rock is dead’ because artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix don’t have any successors due to record companies and lack of support for them even though there are many talented young musicians out there. Then, the bassist recently fired up the argument saying that the new artists cannot get paid as people only download or listen to the songs on the internet instead of buying them.

Therefore, according to Simmons, the streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify murdered both rock and roll and the young musician’s chance to be the next Beatles or AC/DC. He emphasized that it’s impossible for an artist to work for years without proper payment, so music becomes nothing but a hobby for most of them. However, many artists and bands such as Tony Iommi, Taylor Momsen, Great Van Fleet, and many more denied this claim by showing their works as an example.

In his recent tweet, Simmons drew attention to streaming services’ payment policies that he acquired from Yahoo, and according to 2019’s data, Tidal paid $0.0099, Spotify gave $0.0032, Apple Music offered approximately $0.0056, and Deezer paid $0.0436 per stream to the artists. The KISS bassist targeted these platforms and said that this is the main reason why new musicians cannot gain commercial success with their music.

The statement that Simmons shared read:

“According to a 2019 breakdown, there are multiple kinds of streaming service payouts that can vary based on a number of factors, including whether the streams are from free or paid accounts. Based on their data at the time, Tidal paid $0.0099 per stream, Spotify paid the artists $0.0032, Apple Music paid an average rate of $0.0056, and Deezer had a payout rate of $0.0436 per stream.”

Here’s what Simmons wrote:

“FYI. This is why it’s so hard for new artists to have careers. Sad but true.”

You can see the tweet below.