Gene Simmons Clarifies His Political Views Once And For All: ‘I’m An Avowed Democratic Capitalist’


KISS bassist and co-lead singer Gene Simmons posted a tweet to explain his opinions on politics for his fans on Twitter after receiving various criticism about his support to President Joe Biden during the inauguration ceremony.

As you may know, KISS icon Gene Simmons has been using his social media accounts to express his opinions about certain political and social issues in the United States. Even though he often faces the reaction of some of his fans, Gene has never hesitated to support what he believes is right.

For the last couple of weeks, Simmons has been using his official Twitter account to share news articles about the political developments after the presidential election as well as his comments to the news related to the coronavirus pandemic. Particularly after the riot at the U.S. Capitol, Gene changed his focus to the precautions for the inaugural ceremony of Joe Biden and shared news related to the event.

However, some of his fans and followers on Twitter criticized Simmons for sharing the one-sided news only. The reaction of the fans forced Gene to make a statement about his political opinions in order to clarify whether he is a Republican or a Democrat and either way whether he is being impartial or not.

In his recent tweet, Gene Simmons mentioned that he wanted to take a minute to explain himself and stated that he is actually ‘an avowed democratic capitalist‘ who thinks having extreme opinions on both left and right is heinous. Simmons also added that he is a social liberal/equal rights, and fiscal/foreign policy conservative who considers himself as a part of the American Party.

Here is what Gene Simmons stated in his latest tweet:

“I thought I’d take a minute to explain me…I’m an avowed democratic capitalist…In my view, extremes on both left & right are heinous and harm America…I’m a social liberal/equal rights & fiscal/foreign policy conservative…In other words…I belong to the American Party.”

You can see the tweet Gene Simmons posted on his official Twitter account below.

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