Sammy Hagar Challenges Mick Jagger To Become The Oldest Rock Singer

In a recent tweet, Sammy Hagar playfully challenged Mick Jagger to a unique contest: to become the oldest active rock singer in the industry. This friendly rivalry has sparked a buzz among fans, resulting in debates about both artists’ longevity in the rock music scene.

Upon seeing an article titled ‘Will Sammy Hagar or Mick Jagger Be The First 100-Year-Old Rockers?’ Hagar posted the following tweet, inviting fans for a debate:

“Who will it be … me or Mick?”

The challenge posed by Hagar has been met with various responses from fans. One of them wrote:

“I vote for you, Sammy! Seriously, I mean, has Mick ever played with Van Halen??!! Uhhh…no.”

Siding with Jagger, another one chimed in:

“Sir Mick, and you know that! Sorry, man.”

Some Believe Keith Richards May Surpass The Two

This discussion extended beyond just Hagar and Jagger, with some fans humorously speculating about the ‘immortal’ Keith Richards, another Rolling Stones member:

“I don’t know. But Keith Richards will be here at the turn of the next century.”

Another said:

“Although I’d absolutely love for Sammy to be the one, it seems Mick has tapped into whatever Shaman/witch doctor/wizard is keeping Keith alive so…”

As of today, Richards is 79 years old, and it seems he has no intention to retire anytime soon. Interestingly, he is the subject of numerous legends, one even claiming he had a full-body blood transfusion to get clean from drugs.

Throughout his career, Richards had the luck of the devil by his side — surviving fatal injuries and going through disastrous incidents, he made many of his fans think that he was immortal. Apparently, some of Hagar’s followers think the same.

Hagar’s Current Plans Indicate He’ll Continue to Rock

At 76, Sammy Hagar, born shortly after World War II, continues to defy the constraints of age. He shows no signs of slowing down, with a 2024 tour lined up alongside Satriani, Bonham, and Anthony. According to Red Rocker’s website, the tour will kick off in July 2024 and conclude in August. You can grab your tickets here.

The Rolling Stones Don’t Stop Rocking Either

Mick Jagger, born on 26 July 1943, is currently in his eighties and continues his music career. As one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones, Jagger’s influence spans over six decades.

The band’s latest album, ‘Hackney Diamonds,‘ was released in October 2023, and it has been hailed as their strongest work since ‘Some Girls.’

The Stones is not resting on its laurels either, with a new tour across the U.S. and Canada scheduled to begin in April 2024. You can follow the latest updates about the tour on their official website.

While the idea of Hagar and Jagger performing into their 100s might have once seemed far-fetched, it now appears to be a possibility after this light-hearted competition. Whether Hagar or Jagger will clinch the title of the oldest rock singer remains to be seen. However, their current endeavors and plans suggest that both are not ready to leave the spotlight just yet.

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