Gene Simmons And Bruce Springsteen Pay Respect To Bob Dylan

Co-founder and the bassist of the band KISS, Gene Simmons, and the former E Street Band member Bruce Springsteen posted tweets on their official Twitter accounts celebrating the 80th birthday of the legendary blues artist Bob Dylan.

With a career in music spanning almost over 60 years, Bob Dylan has been inspiring many of the musical figures that we listen to today. Dylan has been active in the music industry since 1960 and has been an influence on artists like Gene Simmons from KISS and Bruce Springsteen.

As is one of the artists who was inspired by Bob Dylan, Springsteen posted an old picture of him and Dylan on Twitter performing on stage together. Bruce continued his solo career after his departure from E Street Band. He has been collaborating with many musicians and Dylan was one of them. They were doing shows together and Springsteen tweeted happy birthday and added Dylan is forever young.

Another musician that paid his respect to Bob Dylan was Gene Simmons from KISS. He also celebrated Dylan’s important day by wishing him a happy birthday. He also added that Bob Dylan was an inspiration to many generations of artists.

Here is what Simmons had posted:

“Happy Birthday, Bob. You’ve inspired generations of artists. Hoping you have a happy birthday and many more!”

Take a look at Springsteen tweet below:

“Happy 80th Birthday Bob. You’re forever young.”

Check out the original tweets from Simmons’ and Springsteen’s accounts.