Gary Holt Decides To Stop Drinking Alcohol

In his recent Instagram post, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has announced that he decided to quit drinking alcohol and embark on an alcohol-free journey from now on. Gary Holt’s decision followed his wife’s alcohol-free path about which she opened up in an Instagram post she shared six months ago.

In the book ‘Raising Hell (Backstage Tales From The Lives Of Metal Legends),’ Gary Holt looked back to the days where he and Kirk Hammer, former Exodus bandmate and Metallica guitarist, went to a burnt local liquor store and risked their lives to get to free alcohol. Holt recalled that they went into the burning building and took gallons of whiskey bottles.

However, things must have changed for the rock music icon as he got older since he showed support to his wife, Lisa Holt, on her decision to stop drinking alcohol back in 2012. Lisa mentioned in one of her Instagram posts that she drank alcohol since she was 13, and now 8 years sober thanks to her husband’s wanting her to be a better person.

In his recent Instagram post, Holt posted a picture with a message saying ‘quit alcohol’ and announced that today was the first day of his sobriety journey. Gary said this year was the year when he realized his drinking habit needs to go. He added that it has been a long party for him which does not feel like a party anymore, and the booze has crept upon him. Holt ended his post wishing to feel clear and lucid from now on.

Here is what Gary Holt stated about his latest decision to quit alcohol:

“Day one for me, here I go. This last year has been one in which I’ve come to realize the drinking needs to go. Been a long party for me but it doesn’t feel like a party anymore. I’m not perfect and the booze has crept up on me. Here’s to feeling clear and lucid from here on out.”

It has been known that Holt’s band Exodus is working on the release of a new album called ‘Persona Non Grata’ which will come after their 2014 album ‘Blood In Blood Out.’ Holt was also featured in the new Generation Kill track named ‘Never Relent.’

You can see the picture Holt has posted below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram