The Rolling Stones Song That Jimmy Page Wrote The Guitar Solo

The Rolling Stones released their 18th British and 20th American album, ‘Dirty Work’ in 1986. The band’s career had already peaked with their previous albums, and the expectations from the band were high. Unfortunately, the personal relationships were also tremulous during that time. While Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were in a feud regarding the band’s musical direction, the other two members, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood stayed out of it as much as possible.

These feuds were reflected on the album as ‘Dirty Work’ was severely criticized by the critics who observed that the album was not well balanced and unique. However, it achieved commercial success and was approved by some fans. The album featured other prominent artists like Bobby Womack and Jimmy Page on guitars. Led Zeppelin’s guitarist found the riff of one of the songs on the album, but unfortunately, it became the band’s worst single to chart.

The Unsuccessful Song That Jimmy Page Contributed To

The opening track of the album ‘One Hit (To the Body)’ was a major unsuccessful song at the time. It only reached no. 80 in the UK and became a poor charting single, which might have affected the critics’ opinions on the entire album. The song was credited to Jagger, but Richards and Wood also significantly contributed to the song. Charlie Watts created the drums and Bill Wyman the bass.

Jimmy Page also contributed to the song when he wanted to find out what the band was up to in the studio. He decided to work with them and create the solo for ‘One Hit.’ Hence, he was also credited for the solo of the least successful Stones song at the time. However, as a positive characteristic, the album was the first to include a lyric sheet, which made it go down in history.

You can listen to the song below.