The Two Singers That Eddie Van Halen Used To Cry Listening To

Valerie Bertinelli and Wolfgang Van Halen recently spoke about Eddie Van Halen in an episode of their show on Sirius XM. The mother and son mentioned two essential songs to their family and revealed the songs that made Eddie cry.

Eddie Van Halen’s death in 2020 came like a shockwave to the rock and roll world. The guitarist was one of the living legends, and his ways with the guitar inspired every musician. Even though he was externally inspiring and highly influential, he had internal conflicts. He suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse which he started using at such a young age. In 2008 he became sober, only to be exposed to tongue cancer.

After going through a hard time battling tongue cancer, the guitarist unfortunately also got throat cancer and was eventually hospitalized. In 2020, he died from a stroke, and he had his wife Janie, Wolfgang Van Halen, ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli and Alex Van Halen with him at the time of his death. Although the guitarist and Bertinelli separated in 2001 and divorced in 2007, they remained in contact and were still regarded as a family as she was Wolfgang’s mother.

Recently, Bertinelli and Wolfgang talked about heartwarming family moments that involved two songs, one by Alanis Morissette and the other by Peter Gabriel. The touching conversation revealed that Bertinelli was constantly trying to make Eddie feel better about his problems using these songs. She and Eddie would cry over Morissette’s ‘Thank U’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Don’t Give Up.’

When ‘Thank U,’ by Alanis Morissette came up, Bertinelli said:

“This is one of my favorite Alanis songs. I don’t know if you remember, in the back bedroom, I was cleaning out something like mom and dad had just moved out, and I love this song so much. I think you were like seven. I wanted Ed to hear it because I wanted to pump him up and make him feel good and find the positive in life because there was a lot of stress in his life. And lots of hurts and pain that went on, he would cover up in ways that weren’t healthy for him. I was trying to give him a little motivation and this song. He loved it. He absolutely loved it.”

After Wolfgang agreed, her mother stated:

“It is a great song. Do you remember me playing it for dad? Because you walked in and even you liked the song. It made him cry; he liked it. Speaking of crying…”

Wolfgang chimed in:

“Up next one is one of my favorites, just all our out favorites by Peter Gabriel. It’s one of my favorite and one of my family’s favorite albums. But here’s a different one, this is a special one, ‘Don’t Give Up.’ Kate Bush is on it, she’s the female voice, and she does a wonderful job.”

Valerie Bertinelli continued:

“The first time she sings in the song ‘Don’t give up, you still have us.’ Again, it was on the same theme of me always trying to pump Ed up and make him feel good that he wasn’t alone anymore. That right there always got me. Ed and I cried over this song multiple times together. And even in the video, they’re just hugging the entire time, and it’s just so much love. I wanted to push that into your dad.”

You can listen to the entire conversation and the songs below.