Freddie Mercury’s Final Gift To Elton John

The music industry is full of rivalries and competitions between artists aiming for the top, especially among those considered superstars. The competitiveness of the sector may sometimes bring out the worst in artists. Real friendships are not easy to find in the industry, although the musicians share the same space.

Once in a while, artists create bonds and friendships that become more important than their image or album sales. The established companies bring value and a holding hand during challenging times because as the artists get bigger, so does the risk of falling victim to the many challenges that can negatively affect their lives. This was the type of friendship Elton John and Freddie Mercury had.

They had each other’s backs no matter what, and they genuinely wanted the best for each other even in their darkest days when Mercury was struggling with AIDS and John was fighting substance addiction. They were close friends during the peaks of their careers, so much so that Freddie Mercury sent one last gift to Elton John before passing away.

The Last Present Elton John Received From Freddie Mercury

The two icons instantly clicked when they first met. Elton John had heard Queen’s ‘Killer Queen‘ and had mentioned that he liked it, and that was John’s entrance to the valuable relationship that went through the good and the bad times until Mercury’s tragic death.

Their friendship got stronger while Elton John was struggling with substance abuse. He would later credit Freddie Mercury as one of his saviors, who insisted on him going to rehab to better cope with the global fame he was experiencing at the time. When Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS, John was one of the few people who knew of his sickness because he wanted to keep it a secret to avoid the fans’ and loved ones’ sadness and heartbreak. John stood by his friend during his last days when he was partially blind and had lost his foot.

His bandmates and Elton John described Mercury as a selfless man who always thought of others before himself. Even if he was in so much pain and misery during his final days, he still didn’t announce his diagnosis the day before he passed away. John’s last gift for that Christmas after his passing was proof of that.

The iconic duo had drag nicknames for each other. While John was Sharon, and Mercury was named Melina. As reported by uDiscover Music, a package arrived at John’s house with a note on it after Freddie Mercury’s death. It was a painting by Henry Scott Tuke, an artist John had always loved and admired. Mercury had already arranged his present in advance, and if something were to happen, John would still have a Christmas present from his dear friend, leaving a memory for the singer to remember his late friend to this day.

The note said the following:

“Dear Sharon, I thought you’d like this. Love, Melina. Happy Christmas.”

Not surprisingly, Queen’s late frontman was thoughtful enough to prepare his close friend’s gift months before Christmas. Undoubtedly, it means a lot to Elton John since it was the last memory of Mercury.