Freddie Mercury’s Favourite Place In The World After London


There are no words to describe Freddie Mercury’s talent and influence on the music world. In 2016, 25 years after his death, a research team worked on understanding why Mercury’s voice was so loved. They concluded that he had a faster vibrato and used subharmonics which distinguished his voice from all genre singers, including opera singers.

After he died in 1991, the band was devastated but finally found the courage to go back on stage with another vocalist. They have been performing and touring with Adam Lambert since 2011, and millions enjoy seeing them on stage. Nonetheless, the band members are still doing their best to honor Freddie’s legacy by releasing a biopic, celebrating his birthday, and paying tribute to the musician during concerts.

Although Mercury looked like an outgoing person, there aren’t many people who knew him well. His assistant, who was there until his last, day is apparently one of those who were lucky enough to be with Freddie and get to know him.

Why Did Mercury Love Japan That Much?


Peter Freestone, otherwise known as Phoebe Freestone, was Mercury’s assistant and had been with him for twelve years until the singer passed. He now has a blog where he takes questions about Mercury from fans and responds to them as much as he can.

One of his posts was related to Mercury’s favorite place on earth. As you may know from the movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ Mercury’s favorite place on earth is London, and he was known to embrace London city as his home, which was criticized by his parents.

His assistant revealed that his favorite place aside from London was Japan. He described crockery and porcelains Freddie would bring from Japan which probably matched the singer’s flamboyant style. As it turns out, Mercury ‘loved everything about Japan’ and brought many souvenirs to decorate his house.

Here is what his personal assistant said:

“Other than his beloved London, Freddie’s favorite place on earth was Japan. He loved everything about Japan, except sushi and sashimi! He had a lovely collection of lacquered boxes, much of his furniture had Japanese motifs, a lot of his crockery and porcelain was from there, and he was acknowledged at one time as having one of the largest collections of antique Japanese woodblock prints in a private collection in the UK. He also has numerous Hakata dolls, the porcelain dolls painted with life like colours in glass cases dotted around the place.”

He also claimed that Mercury was content in Japan by stating:

“Freddie felt some sort of contentment in Japan he found nowhere else. Life could be so frantic, and Tokyo was always so busy, but he continually found it a place to recharge his batteries.”

It is nice to see people still care and are curious about the singer’s life and character. This shows how much of an influence and impact he had on the world. Even today, millions continue to commemorate him in every way possible, showing that although the show must go on, Freddie is unforgettable.