Fortnite Leak Hints At Upcoming In-Game Metallica Concert

Is Metallica coming to Fortnite? A new clue found by a fan suggests that it might be happening soon.

According to a Fortnite reporter named Shiina, a text file in Fortnite’s backend says ‘used in CH5S3 Metallica Concert.’ This means that a Metallica concert may take place during Fortnite’s current Chapter 5, Season 3. This season started on May 24 and will end on August 16.

Metallica has been part of Fortnite before. Since 2022, fans have been able to buy a ‘Master of Puppets’ emote. Developers confirmed that ‘Master of Puppets’ will be added to the Fortnite Festival. This is a rhythm game in Fortnite that is similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

You can see the source below.

It’s a Major Event Hosting Famous Names

Fortnite Festival featured some big music stars before, including Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish’s act is set to end on June 13, so Metallica might be the next big act. These headline acts usually come with special instruments, characters, and quests inspired by the artist, along with some of their songs.

Ariana Grande and Travis Scott performed live concerts in Fortnite in the past. It’s still not clear if Metallica will be the new headliner for the Fortnite Festival or if they will perform a live concert in the main game.