Former Slash Producer Leaks An Unreleased Track By Slash And Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Former Slash producer Big Chris Flores recently leaked a one-minute portion of an unreleased track named ‘Crazy’ of Slash in collaboration with late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington and apparently, the track took place in Guns N’ Roses guitarist’s debut solo album but with a different vocalist.

As many of you might know, Slash released his self-titled debut studio album back on March 31, 2010, which featured a number of guest vocalists such as Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, late Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop, Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie many others.
Among those musicians, there was initially also Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington with a track named ‘Crazy’ which was to be released with the album, ‘Slash,’ however, Linkin Park was also planning on releasing an album, ‘A Thousand Suns’ in the same year, therefore, the vocals on the track was re-recorded with the legendary musician Lemmy Kilmister and the name was changed to ‘Doctor Alibi.’

During an interview with Variety three years ago, Slash opened up about the collaboration with Chester Bennington and stated that the song eventually ended up being sent to Chester’s family and never planned on being released. Furthermore, the legendary guitarist stated that the decision to release the track is up to the late Linkin Park vocalist’s family since they have the record.

Here is what Slash said:

“When I was doing my first solo record, I worked with a lot of different people, some of whom, for whatever reason, didn’t end up on the record. One was with Chester. We did a song and Linkin Park at the time didn’t allow it to happen, so I did it with Lemmy. The guy who engineered my demos sent it to me and I sent it to Chester’s family. But it was a trip cause the song really speaks to his state of mind.

Chester’s family has got it so it would be totally up to them. It was really good. He was awesome. It would be fine with me if they wanted to it. Musically it’s basically the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant.”

More than ten years after its recording, the unreleased collaboration between Guns N’ Roses guitarist and Linkin Park frontman surfaced online by producer Big Chris Flores. Despite there’s only one minute of the track entitled ‘Crazy’ thus far, Flores stated that the full song will be released soon to benefit 320 Changes Direction, the mental health awareness organization formed by Bennington’s wife Talinda.

Here is what a fan commented under the track:

To anyone think this is Dr.Alibi… yes it is. They did this song a while ago but for some reason, this version wasn’t allowed to include in Slash album so they recorded a new version with Lemmy instead.”
Here is what another said, stressing the resemblance:
“Dude, this is literally the instrumental from ‘doctor alibi’ on his first album ‘Slash’ (2010) and had Lemmy on bass and vocals”

You can listen to the leaked portion of ‘Crazy’ and ‘Doctor Alibi’ with Lemmy Kilmister below.