Former Producer Discusses Jimi Hendrix’s Superiority Over KISS And Led Zeppelin

Producer Eddie Kramer has a long list of rock icons he has worked with throughout the years. However, it seems like Jimi Hendrix has a special place in his heart. In a recent interview with Craig Charles, Kramer argued that Hendrix was at the top of his list, surpassing names like KISS and Led Zeppelin.

Number one, without question,” said Eddie Kramer when asked to put Jimi Hendrix on the list of the greatest artists he has worked with. “I mean, all the other bands, of course, are fantastic. Zeppelin, I love them dearly, and I love working with them. They’re absolutely the greatest rock and roll band of all time. KISS is the greatest performing craziness of all time. I was really honored in this to work with these artists. But Jimi has a special place in my heart, and he’s number one.”

When asked about whether Jimi Hendrix was aware of his talents and success, Kramer said, “He was funny about that. Those accolades, I don’t know if he really — I think he got to push that aside. He knew he was great, but he was working through some stuff with management and all the craziness before he passed. A lot of stuff needed to be resolved, and we were hoping — you know, we just built ‘Electric Lady’ for him.”

So, Eddie Kramer claimed that, from his point of view, Jimi Hendrix was superior to all of the names he had a chance to work with, including Led Zeppelin, whom he called the greatest rock and roll band, and the live-show giants, KISS. According to the producer, the guitarist knew he was a great guitarist but didn’t really have time to acknowledge this due to the issues he had been dealing with.

“He was in England, and we spoke on the phone about a week before he died,” Kramer continued, recalling the last time he spoke with Hendrix. “He wanted me to come over to England so that Chas and I put the original team back together. You know, he didn’t want to pursue the other path. Unfortunately, he passed, but what do we have now? We have this legacy, thank God, we have it.”

As it turns out, Jimi Hendrix wanted to work on another project with Kramer and Chas Chandler before his passing. Sadly, this didn’t happen, as Hendrix passed away on September 18, 1970. If he still lived, the guitar legend would celebrate his 80th birthday, yesterday, on November 27. Rest in peace, Jimi.