Foo Fighters’ Chris Shifflett Refuses Rock Is Dead Claims

Chris Shifflett recently revealed why guitar-playing was far from dead while speaking to Guitar Magazine.

As the guitarist’s upcoming solo album, ‘Lost At Sea,’ is on its way for release in October, he discussed how ‘guitar music’ was currently in a ‘renaissance’ and why it was far from over, saying:

“There’s just so much out there. I think guitar playing is in a bit of a renaissance. You’ve heard for a long time that guitar music is dead. I think that that’s totally wrong.”

Shifflett then explained why ‘guitar playing’ might even outlive ‘rock’ music:

“Rock ‘n’ roll, as we’ve known it for a long time, might be becoming more and more of a niche genre. But guitar playing is alive and well. There are so many great players out there, and a lot of them aren’t in rock music.”

Different figures of rock had previously handled the debate about whether ‘rock is dead,’ as KISS bassist Gene Simmons was quite determined that it indeed was. However, there were also other rockers who opposed Simmons’ views, such as Taylor Momsen and Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi.

Foo Fighters’ guitarist is also getting ready to tour all across the U.S. for solo gigs, traveling through all across California to Illinois. If interested, you can check out here for details.