Mark Hoppus Shares His First Post-Chemotherapy Photo In Which He Lost His Hair

Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus has recently shared a photo of his new look while he was celebrating the 4th of July on his Instagram account. In his recent post, Hoppus also gave an update to his fans about the side effects of chemotherapy which has been undergoing for months.

Mark Hoppus previously posted a photo himself when he was at the hospital and wrote ‘one cancer treatment, please’ in the caption. Since he deleted the post after a couple of minutes, his fans and friends thought that it was a joke. However, in one of his recent Instagram Stories, Hoppus confirmed that he has cancer and has been fighting for it for months.

Mark’s fans and friends expressed their love and support when they heard the bad news about his health. Hoppus later shared the details of his cancer treatment by saying that he has been undergoing chemotherapy. The singer stated that he is getting better and better in this round of treatment except for some of the side effects such as nausea. 

In his recent Instagram post, Mark Hoppus shared a new photo showing that he lost his hair because of chemotherapy. In the caption of his post, Mark celebrated the 4th of July by calling himself ‘the cancer haver.’ His fans and friends wrote supportive and kind comments under his post about his new look and wished he would get better and better every day after he had shared his first post-chemotherapy photo.

Hoppus’ post read as follows:

The Cancer Haver wishes you all a very happy Fourth of July weekend.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoppus – Instagram