Floor Jansen Names The Worst Record She’s Made

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Floor Jansen, the former lead vocalist of After Forever, reflected on her time with the band and singled out the record she considered her worst. Jansen gave insight into her early career and the album she worked on when she was eighteen that didn’t make it to her top favorites.

Although Jansen is now with Nightwish, she was a team player during her tenure with After Forever, which lasted well over a decade. However, like most musicians, they have their moments of self-doubt, and Jansen is no exception. In the interview, she opened up about the record she felt didn’t quite hit the mark compared to her other works.

Floor revealed the record she thinks is her worst is ‘Prison Of Desire,’ After Forever’s debut album. However, when they recorded that album, being only 18, she and her bandmates needed more knowledge about the intricacies of songwriting, recording, and singing. Despite this, she acknowledged the album’s special place in her heart as the first in her career, ultimately setting the stage for her growth and development as an artist.

Floor Jansen’s words about the worst record she ever made read:

“Probably the first [‘Prison Of Desire’ by ‘After Forever’]. I was eighteen when I recorded it, so we didn’t know anything about writing, about recording, about singing. But your first is your first. And that also makes it very, very special.”

It’s important to remember that in Floor’s case, her pick was not just any album—it was After Forever’s debut album, recorded at a time when she was only 18 years old. So it’s quite natural that she, as an artist, has evolved, and her later work has depth from years of life lived through experiences.