Flea Reacts To The American Athlete’s Olympics Suspension, ‘Let Her Smoke All The Weed’

Red Hot Chili Peppers founding member Flea recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and showed his support for the athlete named Sha’Carri Richardson who recently got suspended for a month after testing positive for marijuana.

As you know, Flea is one of the rockstars who are the most active on their social media accounts and he often shares his views on social and political matters through his Instagram account. Recently, an athlete named Sha’Carri Richardson had made it to the headlines of world news after winning the women’s 100-meter at the United States track and field trials in Oregon.

Richardson worked very hard and got the chance of a lifetime; to go to the Tokyo Olympics. However, following her recent drug test in which she tested positive for marijuana, Richardson got suspended for a month, and currently, her appearance at the Olympics is in doubt.

Flea felt frustrated upon hearing the news and showed his support for the young athlete. In the caption of his post, the musician said that Richardson and all elite athletes have dedicated their lives and worked really hard to get where they are and don’t deserve to have their chances taken away ‘due to archaic and senseless rules.’

Flea expressed his anger using the following words:

Let Sha’Carri Richardson run in the Tokyo Olympics or be a travesty! And, let her smoke all the weed she wants. She and all elite athletes have dedicated their lives to their sport, it must not be denied due to archaic and senseless rules. Plus, I love the Olympics and I am her fan and wanna see her rock the world.”

You can check out the photo that Flea posted on his Instagram account below.

Photo Credit: Flea – Instagram