Flea Pays Respect To Neil Young

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea recently showed gratitude to one of the most celebrated artists in the music industry, Neil Young. The bassist posted his photo with an accompanying caption and celebrated his birthday on November 12.

Young is mainly known as a part-time member of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. A broad audience has appreciated his works as a solo musician and band member, especially in the 1990s. Young just hit 76 and is still actively making music with various bands, like Crazy Horse and Promise of the Real.

He is also considered one of the greatest songwriters of all time. His lyrics mainly revolve around political and social issues, which has been inspiring for other socially sensitive or rebellious musicians. Neil Young’s determination to always ‘fight the good fight‘ seems to have inspired Flea as well.

On his birthday, Red Hot Chill Peppers’ Flea posted a photo of Neil Young to celebrate this special day and share how Neil has inspired him as a musician. He began by thanking Young for his contributions to the music world. Then, the bassist praised him for always being on the ‘good side’ and full of life and care.

Here is what he stated in the caption:

“Happy birthday to the mighty Neil Young!!! Thank you for all your gifts Neil and for always fighting the good fight! You are a touchstone for sanity, you rock. So many songs, so many poignant moments, so many ‘I don’t give a fucks.’ ‘I’m gonna do what I want.’ All the insight, all the love, all the care, all the diligence. I celebrate Neil today!”

Young has two albums, ‘Greendale’ and ‘Living with War,’ and the songs explore Young’s eco-spirituality. His activism was more apparent in the album, ‘Living with War,’ as he clearly criticized the Bush government, actively protesting it with the song ‘Let’s Impeach the President.’ Inspiring many people with his stance, including RHCP’s Flea, he is still appreciated by millions around the world.

You can see the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Flea – Instagram