Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Thinks Guitarists On YouTube Have ‘Social Anxiety’

Fear Factor’s co-founder Dino Cazares recently joined an interview with Joey Sturgis Tones and mentioned that he believes guitarists who are heavily involved in YouTube platforms have social anxiety.

The guitarist initially expressed his joy at meeting fans who passionately sing along to their lyrics:

“There’s nothing better than meeting somebody or just seeing somebody in the crowd that is singing all your lyrics or [who has] a smile on their face that they’re up there getting to see a band that they like or a song they wanna hear. And then meeting them after, and then you listen to that fan’s story.”

Detailing why he finds the experience of connecting with fans and hearing their stories rewarding, Cazares continued:

“That’s amazing because they wanna tell you how they got into the band, what their favorite song means to them, whether it’s lyrically, whether it’s riff-wise, whether it’s tone-wise, or they bought your pick-up, or they bought an amp ’cause of you or bought a speaker cabinet [because] of you. There’s nothing better than that — than going out there and seeing that and experiencing that.”

However, he also said that some guitar players prefer to stay secluded and only engage with an online audience, leading to social anxiety in face-to-face interactions:

“There’s a lot of [guitar players] who are at home… There are some guys who are just secluded, and all they do is do YouTube, and that’s it. And when it comes to being social, they have social anxiety ’cause they’re not used to dealing with actual humans.

They’re just used to dealing with people commenting, whether it’s bad or good, on their YouTube channel. For me, I love going out there. I love talking to these people and experiencing them. I’m approachable; I’m an approachable guy. I like it when people come up and talk to me.”

Fear Factory is set to kick off a European tour in October. After their shows in the UK and Ireland, the band will also visit other countries, including Spain, France, Italy, and Hungary. It will mark their return to European stages after their last appearance in 2016.

You can watch the entire chat below.