Billy Sheehan Recalls A Note U2’s The Egde Left For Him That No One Believes


Bass guitarist Billy Sheehan recalled when U2 opened for his band Talas during a recent appearance on Tulsa Music Stream.

Billy’s first full-time band was Talas, and they were pretty popular in Buffalo. They made a name for themselves nationally, and their fame increased when they opened for Van Halen in 1980. However, Billy left Talas in 1985 to join David Lee Roth’s band.

In a recent conversation, Billy revealed that U2 opened for them in a local show back in the day, one of U2’s first shows in North America. After finishing the gig, they left a kind note in the main act’s dressing room and thanked Talas for their support.

As Billy said, U2 showed their gratitude to Talas ‘for letting us use light sound and P.A. and all that.’ According to Billy, U2’s lead guitarist, the Edge is the one who left this note. Sheenan pointed out that they started telling this story everywhere they went, but people didn’t believe them until U2’s Bono confirmed the incident when they were headlining a show at Rich Stadium.

Interviewer said:

“Tell me a little bit about some Talas – that was the first introduction to Billy Sheehan for me. You had U2 open for you in those days, and then you did something with Van Halen, I believe.”

Billy Sheehan remembered the good old days in the talk:

“We played every Monday night at this club called Stage One, and the owner of the club was the local promoter who was also our manager, so he wanted it as a showcase club so we played Monday, and we were kind of a local institution if you will.

So every once in a while they’d have a band open up for us, and we would know who they were. And I remember one night we walked in, ‘Who’s opening up tonight?’ And they go, ‘Something about a submarine, some submarine band…’

I go, ‘What was their name?’ ‘Something like a submarine. Oh, it’s U2!’ We had no idea who they were. It was their very first tour in America, they were excellent and they were so kind.”

He continued:

“They left a little note in the dressing room, ‘Thanks for letting us use light sound and P.A. and all that.’ Signed – ‘The Edge’. And we told people that story for years, people go, ‘Bullshit, come on, no way!’

Years later, U2 was headlining at Rich Stadium where the Buffalo Bills play, 80,000 people, sold out, and Bono is on the mic, going, ‘Well, I remember the first time we played Buffalo, and we were so amazed because there were people there, probably because we’re opening up for a band called Talas.’

And the whole place, you can hear the jaws drop, like, ‘It’s true!’ Somebody bootlegged that show where Bono says that, and I got that, that’s another thing in my archive, I got Bono explaining that they opened up for Talas, that was pretty cool.”

Later in the conversation, Billy also talked about the differences between playing bass guitar with a pick and fingers and revealed that both techniques work out pretty well, and it boils down to personal preference.