Fans Resemble Sam Ryder To Freddie Mercury In New Brian May Collaboration

Brian May and Sam Ryder recently collaborated on a new track, ‘Fought & Lost, ’ which debuted on Ted Lasso’s latest episode. So, as May encouraged his Instagram followers to check out the song, some fans couldn’t help but find Ryder’s vocals were uncannily similar to Freddie Mercury’s.

In the post, Brian May wrote the following:

“OK! Some of you know what this is. But I’d like the rest of you folks to wonder, just for half a minute, who you’re listening to, on this glistening new track and what it might be telling us. And tell me your thoughts. Ok? See you later.”

Upon listening to ‘Fought & Lost,’ many of Brian May’s followers pointed out the similarities between Sam Ryder’s and Freddie Mercury’s vocals.

One of the comments read:

“I’m confused… Sounds like Freddie’s voice but is not his… Anyway, it’s a beautiful song, so powerful! With a really important message: we always have to fight for anything we want or for anything that happens in our lives – sometimes it’s hard, but better try it.”

Another fan said:

“Heard it on ‘Ted ‘Lasso’ tonight. Had to google and see if it was an unreleased Freddy.

Agreeing with similar comments, a fan wrote:

“For a second, I thought it was Freddie. What a wonderful voice. The collaboration with the guitar is the best.”

Back on September 3, 2022, Sam Ryder and Brian May shared the same stage at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in Wembley. During the show, Ryder had a chance to sing ‘Somebody To Love.’ Below, you can listen to the new song ‘Fought & Lost’ and watch Ryder’s performance of Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love.’