Explaining The Aerosmith Farewell Theory: Are They Going To Say ‘Peace Out’

Whispers in the wind and subtle hints suggest that rock legends Aerosmith may be preparing for a grand farewell tour announcement. Will fans soon hear the band’s swan song? Read on to discover the intriguing clues.

Aerosmith last graced the stage at Park MGM in Las Vegas in 2022. Unfortunately, some of their final shows had to be canceled due to frontman Steven Tyler‘s health issues, leaving fans with bated breath, wondering about the band’s future and their next move. Well, the answer may be here.

A mysterious video has been circulating in American arenas, piquing the curiosity of fans and setting the rumor mill ablaze. The band’s iconic logo materializes on the screen, with its lettering morphing into the words ‘Peace Out.’ This tantalizing teaser has appeared in various locations, including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Boston, fueling speculation about an imminent farewell tour and sending a wave of excitement throughout the fanbase.

Before the video teaser took the country by storm, guitarist Joe Perry spoke to the Boston Globe and a radio station at different times, dropping hints of a lengthy US tour that would keep Aerosmith on the road until 2024. He also revealed that more information would be disclosed during an upcoming episode of a SiriusXM show, leaving fans eager for further details.

Adding to the anticipation, the band’s official website currently features a countdown set to expire on May 1. Fans have interpreted this as a possible date for the rumored farewell tour announcement, building excitement for what could be a momentous occasion and counting down the days with bittersweet enthusiasm.

Given the mounting evidence and considering the band members’ health situation, it seems plausible that a farewell tour could be on the horizon for Aerosmith. While we eagerly await the May 1 reveal, one can’t help but hope for a chance to witness these rock icons in action, even if it’s for one last time.