Steven Tyler Needs ‘More Time To Rest,’ Aerosmith Cancels More Shows

Aerosmith’s Las Vegas residency was coming to an end as only a few shows were left in the band’s schedule, but with Steven Tyler’s ongoing health issues, the act had to cancel more shows. The rockers’ official Twitter account announced that the frontman needed more time to rest and could not perform for the show on December 5.

Previously, the band had canceled a show only a few days ago as they shared that Tyler could not perform due to undisclosed health issues. Still, the rockers had promised the audience they would take the stage for their next show on December 5. However, it seems like Tyler still needs more time to get better.

“Unfortunately, tomorrow’s show, Monday, December 5, in Las Vegas, has to be canceled,” the band’s announcement stated. “Steven Tyler said, ‘On the advice of my doctor, I’m taking more time to rest… There is no nowhere we’d rather be than on stage surrounded by the greatest fans in the world.’”

The statement continued, “We sincerely apologize. Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster will be automatically refunded. All other refunds will be available at point of purchase.”

Tyler’s health problems have not been disclosed yet, but one might only hope that the frontman’s condition has nothing to do with his challenging battle with addiction. This particular show was canceled even though the band had promised to perform as the vocalist said he needed more rest before taking the stage.

Only time will tell whether Steven Tyler will get back on stage or the band will have to cancel more future shows. So, for now, it seems like the only thing left to do for the Aerosmith audience is to ‘dream on’ and hope Steven will get better.