Ex-Mötley Crüe Singer Says Steven Tyler Called Him ‘Stupid And High’

Former Mötley Crüe lead vocalist John Corabi spoke to The Metal Summit and recalled meeting the Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler for the first time. Corabi unveiled that Tyler asked Nikki Sixx whether John was high or stupid due to his odd behavior.

In 1992, Mötley Crüe decided to continue without their frontman Vince Neil due to personal problems and creative differences. The way he left the band is still a mystery because no one knows whether he quit or was fired by the other Mötley Crüe members. Then, John Corabi was hired as Mötley Crüe’s new lead singer, and his period is now regarded as years of turmoil for the band.

Mötley Crüe’s self-titled sixth studio album, released on March 15, 1994, became a commercial failure, as the fans wanted to listen to Neil instead of Corabi. Mötley Crüe decided to reunite with their former frontman in 1996 and thus parted ways with Corabi. However, the singer still has some crazy memories featuring the Mötley Crüe members and other artists, which he still can’t forget.

One of them is probably from the time John Corabi met the Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler. However, the young musician was acting so weird that Tyler wanted to know if he was high or stupid. His bandmate and friend Nikki Sixx responded to Tyler’s question saying that he’s both, and everybody laughed at his comment so much.

Corabi stated in his interview that:

“When I do my acoustic shows, I played a couple of Aerosmith things and play ‘Seasons of Wither.’ I tell the story about how I met Steven Tyler, and I made a complete ass out of myself when I did it. I mean, it got to the point where he said to Nikki, ‘Dude, what’s wrong with your singer? Is he stupid or high?’ Nikki goes ‘Both.'”

You can watch the interview below.