Bonnie Raitt Discusses Duane Allman’s Influence On Her


Bonnie Raitt recently gave an interview to Guitar World and revealed her thoughts about Duane Allman‘s influence on her.

Duane Allman began playing the guitar back when he was 14 years old. He then started to learn how to play slide guitar in 1968, a year before the Allman Brothers Band was formed. Allman then became known for his brief but remarkable tenure in the band and his expressive slide guitar playing.

Allman’s distinctive electric bottleneck sound gradually evolved into the musical voice known as Southern rock. His style then influenced other slide guitarists such as his bandmate Dickey Betts, Derek Trucks, Gary Rossington, and Joe Walsh. Moreover, Allman also taught Don Felder to play slide guitar.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Bonnie Raitt expressed her thoughts on Duane Allman. Asked whether Allman’s slide playing influenced her, Raitt said Allman’s is a different style of slide guitar playing, so he didn’t directly affect her style.

Although she didn’t consider Allman an influence, Bonnie Raitt stated that she loved Allman’s playing. She then stated she loved the British slide players and said she liked the slide playing style of those times as there were a lot of slide guitarists back then.

Speaking about whether Duane Allman was an influence on her, Bonnie Raitt told Guitar World the following:

“Not really. It’s a totally different style of slide playing. But I really loved what he did. I loved the English guys, and Johnny Winter was terrific. There was a lot of slide playing at the time, and I’ve always gone crazy for it.”

In another interview, Bonnie Raitt admitted that she was an influence on Prince with her slide guitar playing. According to the musician, Prince approached her one time and asked her to teach him how to play slide guitar.