Ex-Guns N’ Roses Drummer Explains Why Axl Rose Tried To Party Like The Rolling Stones


Like many rockstars, Axl Rose is also known for partying hard with alcohol after every show. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, ex-Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum talked about the reasons why Axl Rose wanted to party this much.

Matt Sorum joined Guns N’ Roses in 1990 to replace Seven Adler and performed with them successfully until 1997. That was the year Sorum was fired from the band after a dispute with Axl Rose, and they didn’t speak for nine years. In 2006, they reestablished their friendship and buried the hatchet.

Sorum recently talked to Rolling Stone about Axl Rose and discussed their party life. The interviewer asked Matt whether they were aware that the band was paying for all of the parties from their own pockets. The drummer replied by stating that they knew about every payment but still thought that it was excessive.

He stated that Axl wanted everything to be as big as possible, and if they are playing in stadiums, then their parties should be big as well, like the Rolling Stones. He revealed that Axl thought if he partied like them, they would be as successful.

Here is what he stated about partying like The Rolling Stones:

“Everybody knew what was going on. It was excess to the highest level. In Axl’s mind, he wanted everything to be bigger than life. He wanted us to act accordingly. ‘When we’re playing a stadium show, why don’t we have a party backstage like The Rolling Stones? Why isn’t it bigger than life? Why don’t we bring in a horn section and background singers? We need more pyro.’

The guests that we would invite onstage. Brian May, Elton… it was all these people. Axl thought by rubbing elbows with these icons, put us in the same light as them. I understood that later on.”

As it turns out, Sorum later understood that Axl organized these parties as he wanted to ‘rub elbows’ with icons like Queen’s Brian May and Elton John. It seems like Axl’s plans worked out since Guns N’ Roses is currently regarded as one of the cult rock and roll bands.