Ex-AC/DC Bassist Claims That Malcolm Young Was Not The Real Leader Of The Band In Its Early Years

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans opened up about the time when he and late lead singer Bon Scott were both in AC/DC and revealed that Scott was the band’s social director due to the fact that he was older than other members of the band, implying that rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young was not always in charge.

As many of you may know, many fans considered Malcolm Young as the one who was in charge among other band members before his passing due to the fact that he was the one to found AC/DC along with his brother Angus Young, however, as Angus said in many interviews, it was Malcolm who made the band possible.

During a recent interview with Let There Be Talk, Mark Evans opened up about the unrealistic drunk portrayal of Bon Scott as he revealed that while he sometimes was uncontrollable, just like everybody else, it was not always like this.

In addition to this, Evans also stated that other band members used to call Scott, ‘the old man’ due to the fact that he was older than the rest of the band, and due to this, Scott was AC/DC’s social director which ultimately revealed that as opposed to the common belief, Malcolm young was not always the leader of the band.

Here is what Evans said:

“Well, yeah, it seems to be in some areas a portrayal of Bon being this out-of-control dude. Sure, he could be, but we all got out of control back in those days.

He was our social director. Within the band, he was called ‘the old man’ because when I joined the band, I was 19 and Bon was 29. It was like being on the road with your mad uncle – everyone’s got a mad uncle, one who drinks too much at weddings, and it was like that.

It looked like Fonzie on the outside but inside there was this really a bit of a hippie ’60s love child sort of thing in there. It’s great fun to be around him, an absolute gentleman…”

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