The Allman Brothers’ Derek Trucks On David Gilmour’s ‘Holistic’ Guitar Playing

The Allman Brothers Band guitarist Derek Trucks recently joined an interview with Total Guitar and reflected on his massive admiration for David Gilmour and discussed how he has ‘created his own universe on guitar.’

Derek Trucks stepped into his professional music career when he formed The Derek Trucks Band in 1994. In the following years, he had a chance to tour and perform with many prominent artists like Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills, and Joe Walsh. While he was initially a guest musician in The Allman Brothers Band, the guitarist later became an official band member in 1999.

Trucks performed in the band’s three albums, ‘Peakin’ at the Beacon,’ ‘Hittin’ the Note,’ and ‘One Way Out.’ The guitarist is currently playing in the band Tedeschi Trucks Band, which he formed in 2010 with his wife. While Trucks’ guitar playing is rooted in blues and rock, he has been inspired by several genres, including jazz, soul, Southern rock, and Latin music.

As an eclectic musician, Derek Trucks has been inspired by countless guitarists throughout his career, including Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour. The musician stated in a recent interview that Gilmour’s playing is almost inimitable due to his unique approach to the instrument. Trucks also expressed that Gilmour has a magical guitar tone and a distinctive musical identity that distinguishes him from the other guitar players. He has a holistic approach to music, which gives his guitar sound impressive integrity.

His admiration for David Gilmour in Derek Trucks’ own words:

“It’s hard to find just one specific track to key in on with a player as talented as David Gilmour. When you go back to those early Pink Floyd records now, you can hear there has obviously been an evolution. But other things about Pink Floyd remained absolutely unchanged. There are certain things you can’t run from if that’s who you are!

That whole idea of having your own musical identity is very beautiful. That’s why we do it, to express who we are. David Gilmour is one of those characters who have this holistic thing going on. I feel like he’s created his own universe on guitar through his tone and approach. And you can hear it in his earliest recordings with Floyd – on things like ‘The Nile Song.’

When he plays, it takes you back and makes you feel like you’re in a certain place. So whenever I hear him, it takes me back to spending time with one of my uncles when I was growing up. He was such a massive Pink Floyd fan, specifically David Gilmour’s guitar playing. Any time I hear that tone, those are the things I feel and think about. It’s always been there for me, with all these sounds that felt so magical.”

Derek Trucks also said elsewhere during the same interview that he doesn’t remember a single moment he didn’t enjoy David Gilmour’s playing. He’s always mesmerized by what he does with his instrument, thanks to his characteristic sound, which is hard to mistake with anyone else.