Europe Singer Explains Why He Refused Vince Neil’s Offer By Recalling Tragic Car Accident

During a recent interview with Louder Sound, Europe frontman Joey Tempest recalled the time when Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Vince Neil wanted to drive him around San Francisco next time but Tempest refused his offer. He also revealed the reason why he didn’t want to accept his offer.

As you may know, Vince Neil has experienced various tragedies in his life, including causing the death of a young musician. The tragic car accident of Vince Neil and Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas ‘Razzle’ Dingley hasn’t still been forgotten by the fans even though it happened almost 20 years ago. In 1984, Neil invited Hanoi Rocks members to join a party at his house, during which they all got very drunk and had some tragic decisions.

When they were out of alcohol, Vince and Razzle went to buy some more for the party even though they were heavily drunk. Neil was driving the car at the time of the tragic car accident. They hit another car and Razzle died at the scene on December 8, 1984, at the age of 24. Neil was charged with vehicular manslaughter and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years’ probation.

In the recent interview he joined, Joey Tempest recalled the time when he came across Vince Neil and Tommy Lee in San Fransisco only a year after the tragic car accident that caused Razzle’s death. Apparently, Neil and Lee visited Europe members in their dressing room and Vince offered Joey to drive him around the city the next time when he visited there. However, Tempest didn’t accept his offer since he didn’t want to ride with Vince recalling the unfortunate car accident he involved in a year ago.

Tempest said in his interview that:

“At a show in San Francisco on the Final Countdown tour, Tommy and Vince came to the dressing room to say hi. They were like high-spirited schoolboys; I really liked them. In the middle of it all, Vince said: ‘Hey, next time let me drive you around the city and show you around.’ This was one year after the car accident in which Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle died. We were like, er… yeah. Thanks.

Europe frontman Joey Tempest seemed like he was afraid of being in a car with Vince Neil considering the iconic frontman involved in a tragic car accident that caused the death of Razzle.