Eric Clapton’s Regret About George Harrison

No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to live a life with no regrets. Life is full of choices that have uncertain results. So, we can never know what might have happened if we had made a different decision. Regret is a complex feeling since it involves comparing those different outcomes to determine which one we would have preferred.

However, the good thing about regrets is that we can use them as a guide for better living in the coming days. Ultimately, it is essentially an enlightening emotion in helping us develop. We all tend to find our own ways to cope with regrets. Like every human being on earth, there is also something that the acclaimed guitarist Eric Clapton regretted doing.

What Is Eric Clapton’s George Harrison-Related Regret?

When it comes to the relationship between Eric Clapton and the late Beatles icon George Harrison, probably the very first thing that comes to many people’s minds is the love triangle they were involved in. Back in the day, while Harrison was married to Pattie Boyd, Clapton was a good friend of the couple who frequently visited their home.

Yet, things got complicated when the guitarist fell in love with his close friend’s wife. After a long-time effort, Eric Clapton convinced Pattie Boyd to leave Harrison and pursue a romantic relationship with him. The musician’s feelings for Boyd were so deep that he even wrote the song ‘Layla‘ for her, which became a huge hit and turned into a ‘bone of contention‘ between Clapton and Harrison.

At the beginning of everything, being with his friend’s wife may have seemed like an easy decision to Clapton, but it turned out differently. During an appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live in 1998, the interviewer asked the musician how he felt about it when he looked back. Clapton and Boyd had already gotten divorced in that period.

Eric Clapton stated that it was something he had deeply regretted doing. Then, he was asked to explain why he had behaved that way. Clapton revealed that he just wanted to have what was Harrison’s, so he did everything to impress Pattie Boyd. However, it was a long and wearisome process, according to the guitarist. Although he greatly admired George Harrison, he still couldn’t help falling in love with and trying hard to get Boyd.

Larry King initially asked:

“Before we take the next call, America’s rocked with scandal. You had that with a wife and George Harrison. What’s your look back on that aspect of the Clapton story?”

Eric replied:

“It’s not… Something I regret. It’s something I regret.”

King continued:

“What? In a nutshell, what do you [regret]?”

Clapton said in response:

I wanted what he had, basically.”

The interviewer again:

“And you took her?

The guitarist’s answer:

“And I took her, but it took a lot of time, not overnight. I mean, it was a long, painful process of, you know, I admired him, and I fell in love with her.”

In the next part of the interview, the rocker revealed that it was such a challenging thing that he didn’t know how to deal with it, which led him to get addicted to drugs. Even though this issue remained a matter of resentment between Eric Clapton and George Harrison, it still didn’t harm their relationship. The pair’s friendship continued until the Beatles guitarist’s death in 2001.