Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Opens Up About Her Recent Affair With A Musician Who Broke Up With Her

The iconic blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton’s daughter, Ruth Clapton, recently posted a video on her Instagram account and shared the unknown details about her recent relationship and the reason her boyfriend wanted to break up all of a sudden.

As you may know, Ruth Clapton was married to her long-term boyfriend Dean Bartlett with whom he had two sons. Even though the couple’s relationship seemed to be going well, Ruth shocked her fans when she announced their decision to get divorced in late November 2020. The couple decided to co-parent their children so as to ensure that their divorce doesn’t affect them.

Ruth Clapton is known to be a private person and she rarely speaks up about what has been going on in her life. However, with her recent Instagram video, the blogger revealed the shocking details of her recently failed relationship with a musician who broke up with her a week after telling her that she wants her to have his kids.

Apparently, following her divorce, Ruth started dating a musician who she’d met at Eric Clapton’s festival Crossroads. The relationship started off really well and they were having a lot of fun but she saw the first red flag when she was going to visit him in London and he suddenly told her that he had been in a relationship for four years but that he broke up with her after their first date with Ruth.

So the days went by and Ruth recalled thinking that they were falling madly in love and that although everything seemed to be going fast, it just made sense. The relationship came to a point that he told Ruth he wanted her to have his children and asking her to move to London for him which she was hesitant about.

A week after having the kids-talk, the guy told Ruth that he wanted some space to focus on his career as a musician which she completely understood as she is in the same industry. However, two weeks after that he suddenly told her that he wants to break up because he cannot be in a committed relationship with someone who has kids which really broke her heart.

Here’s how her last relationship started and ended (transcribed by RC):

“I’ve tried to be quite private about it because I was finding it really hard when I just wasn’t ready to open up about it. Anyway, so about two months ago, my now-ex broke up with me and it was a huge shock. It just felt like it came out of nowhere and I need to give you a bit of backstory as to why, because I think otherwise you’re not gonna understand why it was such a shock.

So I met him in September 2019. He was at Crossroads, he was playing there as he’s a musician. So he was at my dad’s festival, you know, we chatted a little bit, we became friends. We then talked for like a year, just as friends a year on and off, because I was married and he knew that whatever.”

She went on to say:

“So I separated from my ex-husband, and he asked me out on the date, and I went and we had a great time. Then I was going to go stay with him and he then had to tell me, ‘I’ve been in a relationship for four years and I broke up with her the day after we went on the date, but all of her stuff is still here.’ I mean, that should have been the red flag that was big enough to just tell me, ‘this is not a good idea’ but it wasn’t I didn’t listen.

So it was going so well. Like we were having such a great time hanging out. Everything was just so chill and easy and whatever and we just fell madly in love and I remember feeling like it was really quick but because he was like, matching me on my intensity I felt like ‘oh, well this is meant to be.’ So he said all the right stuff like, ‘you’re the love of my life’ and ‘I’ve never felt like this before’ and ‘I want you to have my kids.’ He wanted me to move down to London and he was sending me links for houses. We made all kinds of plans actually.”

Ruth added:

“During the last actual physical face-to-face conversation I had with him, he said to me, ‘I don’t want to wait too long before we start having kids‘ and I was like, ‘we’re not even in the same postcode, let’s all calm down’ and he’s like ‘yeah, but if it happened before, then I’d just move up to where you are’ and I was like ‘well no, we’ll just plan it properly and then you won’t have to do that.’

So that was the last physical face-to-face conversation I had with him. A week after that. He asked me for time and space to focus on his career and obviously, I’m from that industry. So, I understand that as a musician and having musicians in my family that when it comes to working, you do have to kind of think ‘I’ve just got to do this, I can’t be on the phone all the time, I can’t be texting or seeing people that I love all the time.’ So I fully got it. It doesn’t mean that they can’t check in, though.

So the first two weeks of time and space were alright, it was kind of sporadic, but I just thought, well, this is how it is. But then the next two weeks of it were zero contact. I literally didn’t hear from him for two weeks and so I checked in to see how he was. I was interested to hear about what was going on.

And he said he’d call, he didn’t. And then he eventually did call like hours later. And he broke up with me on the phone and the reasons he gave had nothing to do with how he felt they were to do with ‘I can’t be in a committed relationship with somebody, especially someone who has children.'”

Click here to watch the video that Ruth posted on her Instagram account.