Eric Clapton Takes A Break After Facing Backlash


Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton did a ‘question & answer’ session via her official Instagram account and revealed the current status of the legendary guitarist.

Back in May 2021, Eric Clapton announced his return to the stage after three years and almost all of his tickets sold out. However, shortly after that, Eric faced a huge backlash due to his statement about the vaccination restrictions.

To increase the number of vaccinated people and protect the community, some European countries are starting to make vaccination a must for many events. In order to attend social gatherings such as shows, sports events, or even shopping, citizens will have to show proof of vaccination.

About a week ago, Eric announced that he won’t be playing in any shows if there is discriminated audience present. This statement means that Eric is not going to play in any shows if there is a vaccine restriction. Shortly after this statement, Eric was criticized by the community for being an anti-vaxxer, and some of the people even headed to Ruth’s Twitter account. Because of that, Ruth had to make a statement in Eric’s name.

As Ruth said, Eric is not an anti-vaxxer. Instead, Eric was defending the people who want to have the freedom of choice considering vaccinations. Although she clarified that Eric is not an anti-vaxxer, the hate she received on social media grew day by day. Therefore, she had to take a break from social media.

During the question & answer session, Ruth revealed that her father took a short break, which is most likely due to the backlash he received about a week ago. In this way, he will manage to clear his head before his shows. Thankfully, Ruth stated that Eric is doing just fine and will return to the gigs in few weeks.

An Instagram user asked the following:

“How is your father? Hi from Italy.”

To which Ruth Clapton replied:

“He is good. He is just on a break at the moment, and I think then he is heading out to America in September because he has got some gigs there. I’m hoping to get to the Austin one, fingers crossed.”

You can check out the video below.