King Diamond On How Much He Earned From Metallica

Frontman King Diamond sat down for a conversation with Let There Be Talk podcast and revealed how much money he made from Metallica’s tribute song, ‘Mercyful Fate.’

Mercyful Fate was a part of the first wave of the ’80s black metal scene, especially due to its lyrics that explore the themes of Satan and occultism and tones of a blend of progressive rock and traditional heavy metal. The band also became a source of inspiration for other prominent metal figures such as Metallica and Slayer.

The band not only inspired Metallica but also collaborated with them at various times. For example, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was featured in one song featured in their 1993 album ‘In The Shadows.’ King Diamond performed the Mercyful Fate song ‘Evil’ with Metallica in 1999 without wearing his famous makeup. Furthermore, the Mercyful Fate members took the stage at Metallica’s 30th Anniversary concerts in 2011.

The bands often crossed paths and expressed their admiration for each other. On their compilation album ‘Garage Inc.’ in 1998, Metallica paid Mercyful Fate tribute by recording a medley of their greatest hits. The 11 minutes long mashup is titled ‘Mercyful Fate’ and features parts of ‘Satan’s Fall,’ ‘Evil,’ ‘Curse of the Pharaohs,’ ‘Into the Coven,’ and ‘A Corpse Without Soul.’ Since then, the band has played the song multiple times live with various Mercyful Fate members, including in 2011.

In his recent interview, Dean Delray asked King Diamond if the royalties he earned from this song helped him financially. King Diamond revealed he bought a black Corvette with that money, which he couldn’t afford otherwise. The frontman said that he also collaborated with Volbeat, but the money he earned was much less, albeit it was nominated for a Grammy Award. He stated that nowadays, the tours are going well, and he is able to live a good life with the money he earns from his own efforts.

Kind Diamond explained his earnings from the album with these words:

“Right when it came out, yeah, it was nice. I got a Corvette out of it at the time. I got a black Corvette at the time that I could not have gotten otherwise. I had a Trans Am — I sold that and got a Corvette. So that was the initial impact at the time. Now, it’s, like, I guess if they do something special with it or whatever, then it does something, but that’s not what I live off, I can tell you that.

The same. I did something with ‘Volbeat’ — the song that I did half the lyric for ‘Room 24,’ and it was nominated for a Grammy. But it’s not like… I can’t eat off of it; I can’t pay rent or anything off it. But there’s our own stuff that is doing quite well now; our own stuff is doing well. The tours are doing good. There’s more projects going on all the time.”

You can listen to the ‘Merciful Fate’ on Youtube below.