Eric Clapton Receives Backlash Over ‘To Save A Child’ Campaign

Eric Clapton’s ‘To Save A Child’ campaign has recently sparked negative feedback from fans on Instagram.

The guitarist wrote the following message in his post:

“‘To Save A Child’—in aid of the children of Gaza. On January 17 ~ a very special broadcast of Eric’s intimate concert was filmed in London in front of a small audience in December 2023. Eric’s set included ‘Tears In Heaven,’ ‘Got To Get Better In A Little While,’ and George Harrison’s ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)’ featuring Dhani Harrison. Tickets available at link in bio. The proceeds will be donated in aid of the children in Gaza.”

The post also included the dates for the event, as it said:

“Event Timings:

UK/Europe: January 17 at 8 pm GMT
North America (East): January 17 at 8 pm ET
North America (West): January 17 at 8 pm PT
Asia/Australia: January 18 at 7 pm Japan / 9 pm Sydney.”

Fan Reactions To Clapton

Some fans supported Clapton for taking action for this kind of cause. One of them wrote:

“You are doing the right thing Eric Clapton. Anyone who argues about this is evil.”

Another one said, expressing support again:

“People with conscience always fight for human rights, especially for children’s lives. Thanks a lot, Sir Eric Clapton.”

Negative Responses And Criticisms

However, in addition to positive reactions, there also have been negative responses directed against the rocker from the fans in the comment section of his message. One user noted.

“Despicable, disgusting, and anti-Semitic. You should change the name of the concert to ‘Funding Hamas.’ You need to educate yourself and open up your eyes to what happened to the people of Israel. This is change my opinion of you forever.”

Another criticism added:

“This hurts. EC is my all-time favorite. And now this, indirectly supporting antisemitism. And what about the Israeli children? Some of them raped, burnt, tortured. Breaks my heart that my hero has not a better understanding of the truth.”

One other comment said:

“My favorite artist of the whole time. I feel shame for you. ‘In aid of the children of Gaza’ means giving money to them, which means sending money straight to Hamas ISIS hands. Helping children of Gaza is to get them out of there from the cruel hands of Hamas ISIS, the world’s favorite terror organization. Shame on you, Sir Eric; I hope you will wake up ASAP.”

Clapton’s special concert in London honored the victims of the Israeli military campaign in Gaza. The event aimed to raise funds for medical aid for civilian war victims. The musician used a guitar with the Palestinian flag, created by Fender, to pay tribute to the deceased children. Clapton had recently released a song called ‘Voice Of a Child,’ accompanied by a music video showing footage of Palestinian children impacted by Israeli attacks.

You can see the photo he shared below.

Photo Credit: Eric Clapton – Instagram