Corey Taylor Admits Slipknot Almost Broke Up After The First Album

Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor unveiled that the band went through hard times in their early years during his latest interview with Kerrang! Magazine. The famous singer highlighted that the group was close to the end after their debut, ‘Slipknot.’

Slipknot released their self-titled debut studio album on June 29, 1999, and Taylor, Mick Thomson, Paul Gray, Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, and other members drew significant attention with their unique styles, personas, and talents as songwriters and instrumentalists. The band gained great fame, popularity, and a dedicated fan base by hitting the charts with the first record and the follow-up works.

However, Taylor said they thought about breaking up probably because of tensions, disagreements, lineup changes, and the music industry’s chaotic atmosphere, but they decided to continue. Thanks to this decision, Slipknot fans could listen to their legendary hit records, ‘Iowa,’ ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses),’ ‘All Hope Is Gone,’ ‘.5: The Gray Chapter,’ and ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ which contributed a lot to metal music.

Also, after admitting that they almost disbanded Slipknot, Taylor stated that it’s surprising they are about to share their upcoming record The End, So Far‘ and is planning the next chapter in their musical journey. The Slipknot frontman added that while working on the album, the band members praised one another’s work and talent, which they didn’t try until they lost some irreplaceable musicians, Paul Gray and Joey Jordison.

Taylor revealed the situation, saying:

“The band was honestly going to break up after the first album. It’s so funny to me that after this many years, we’re doing our seventh album, and we’re already looking down the road at what the next chapter is going to be. The fact that there are still millions of fans with us is just f*cking insane. You fuckers signed up for the ride!”

You can listen to the first album below.