Machine Gun Kelly Sets His Eye On Metallica’s Guinness Record

Machine Gun Kelly and his touring band recently attended Billboard’s MusicCon event and talked about touring and performing. The musician revealed the ultimate goal he wanted to achieve in performing and challenged Metallica‘s record.

More widely known as Machine Gun Kelly, Colson Baker is currently one of the most talked-about musicians globally. Even though his reputation was not always positive in the music scene, his music carried him to success in the last few years. MGK first started as a rapper and reached success in the genre with two rap albums. In recent years, the rapper transformed into a rock star and continued to make music.

In 2019, he portrayed Tommy Lee in Mötley Crüe’s Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt,’ and in the film, he showed his appropriateness for rock music as he could copy most drum tricks of the Mötley Crüe drummer. After he released his first pop-punk album, ‘Tickets to my Downfall’ in 2020, he contributed to the rock world.

The singer recently attended Billboard’s MusicCon and talked about his most recent album ‘Mainstream Sellout.’ The interviewer asked him and his band whether they had any big goals on their bucket lists, and MGK stated he wanted to perform on all seven continents. The only act ever performed on all seven continents was Metallica, and they signed their name into Guinness World Records after playing for scientists in Antarctica in 2013.

MGK stated that he would want to perform on seven continents, but he also has another location in his bucket place, which is under the ocean performing with fish. With MGK’s current success, if he gets to perform in Antarctica, he would be the first musician to beat Metallica’s 2013 record.

Here is what MGK said:

I wanna perform all seven continents, and then I wanna perform in the ocean. Like, underwater. I don’t think anyone has done that. I want to be the first artist to perform. I have this weird feeling that we’re going to do it, and all these sharks are going to pull up.”

No one has ever beaten Metallica up, as the weather conditions of Antarctica make it very difficult for musicians to play their instruments. Hence, a particular setup was set for Metallica, keeping everyone in a glass globe. Instead of using regular amplifiers, the audience was given headphones, and that’s how they listened to live rock and roll.

You can watch the MusicCon and Metallica’s performance in Antarctica below.