Eric Bloom’s Pick For The Best Blue Oyster Cult Record Ever

Blue Oyster Cult has gathered 15 albums under its belt since its formation in 1967. The band kept themselves busy between 1970 and 2001, and they have sold over 25 million records worldwide, building a reputation with successful albums such as ‘Secret Treaties’ and ‘Tyranny and Mutation.’ However, they took a massive gap between their 2001 and 2020 albums.

The band spent 19 years apart between their most recent studio album, ‘The Symbol Remains,’ and the previous one, ‘Curse of the Hidden Mirror.’ The gap put so much pressure on the band members to deliver an excellent new album. Fortunately, they achieved the success they had once experienced with their first few albums back in the day.

There have been several instances where musicians have been asked to rank their efforts, and most artists tend to rate their works from best to worst. The case was no different for frontman Eric Bloom as he excitedly named the album that he appreciated the most when he was once asked to reveal the best piece of work Blue Oyster Cult has ever created.

Eric Bloom’s Favorite Blue Oyster Cult Album

After they released ‘Curse of the Hidden Mirror’ and the single ‘Pocket’ in 2001, the poor sales cost the Blue Oyster Cult their contract with their record label Sanctuary Records. This failure was a tremendous setback in their career. The band members were reluctant to carry out their creative endeavors for future projects. This reluctance caused them to take a step back from the music industry, which destroyed their dreams and hopes.

However, the band gathered the courage and released ‘The Symbol Remains’ in 2020. Since it received positive reviews from critics and fans, it was a massive relief for the band members, as it put them back in the game. Despite being a memorable album in a different way, Blue Oyster Cult frontman Eric Bloom did not name ‘The Symbol Remains’ as his favorite record when asked about it during an interview with Classic Rock in 2021.

Even though the musician said he was ‘fond of’ their latest album, he would pick ‘Secret Treaties’ released in 1974 as the best record they’ve ever produced. He added that every time they released a new record, it was better than the one before. Bloom also shared that the album was a fan favorite, and they have played most of its songs live.

Eric Bloom’s thoughts about the best record they ever created as a band:

“I’m very fond of our latest album, ‘The Symbol Remains,’ but overall, it would probably be ‘Secret Treaties [1974].’ That was our third studio record, and each did better than before. I know through talking to the fans that it’s their favorite, and we have played most of its songs live. It seems to be the fruition of our songwriting during that particular era.”

You can listen to ‘Secret Treaties’ album below.