Elton John Supports Covid Vaccine Program Of NHS England As He Posts A New Video On Twitter

Sir Elton John announced his collaboration with the National Health Service of United Kingdom for the coronavirus vaccine by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

After one year of coronavirus outbreak and lockdown restrictions, the world finally found coronavirus vaccines and started to produce them. However, there are still people who don’t trust these vaccines

To show that there is nothing wrong with the vaccines, Elton joined forces with NHS and stated that he is so proud of this step and wanted to encourage the people to get shot of these coronavirus vaccines.

Furthermore, Elton stated that it’s really easy and quick to get vaccinated and explained to people why it’s so important. Also, Elton pointed out that we should come and stand together in these rough days.

Here is what Elton John said:

“I am proud to join forces with Michael Caine to promote the fantastic NHS England COVID vaccine program, demonstrating how quick and easy it is to get vaccinated and why it’s so important. Let’s all come together and do our bit in the fight against this wretched disease.”

You can check out the post below.