Elton John Says The Music Industry ‘Is Dying Now’ And Doubts He Would’ve Achieved Success Under These Circumstances

The legendary English rockstar, Elton John, posted a series of photos on his official Instagram account and discussed the urgency of looking into the trade agreement that Lord Frost negotiated with Europe after Brexit which has highly impacted the English music industry which was already struggling due to Covid-19.

Elton John is without a doubt one of the most appreciated and accomplished rockstars of all time. Aside from his successful music career which spans almost six decades, the Rocketman is also known for his sensitivity towards important social and political issues. In fact, his support for social causes was applauded by Queen Elizabeth II, who knighted Elton John in 1998.

Being an active musician, Elton John is highly aware of the challenges that people face in the music industry. In his recent post, he discussed how Brexit has affected the already-struck musicians who have been unable to perform for a year and a half. Elton said that the new trade agreement will make it impossible for new generation artists to tour Europe freely.

The famous musicians who fill arenas and stadiums can cover the costs of ‘visas, carnets, and permits’ but emerging artists can’t. Elton John went on to say that if this issue is not dealt with right now, then the already dying music industry will be completely gone very soon. He also argued that if he were an emerging artist right now, it is quite probable that he wouldn’t have made it under these circumstances.

Here’s what Elton John said in his recent Instagram post:

“A statement from Elton about the European touring crisis facing emerging artists.

Last month Rocket Entertainment CEO David Furnish, Marshall Arts Craig Stanley, Lord Paul Strasberger, and I met with Lord Frost to spell out the damage the trade agreement he negotiated with Europe is doing to the UK’s music industry and to try to find practical solutions and ways forward. Put bluntly, we are currently in grave danger of losing a generation of talent due to the gaping holes in the government’s trade deal.

New and emerging artists will be unable to tour Europe freely – an essential part of their education and development – due to the prohibitive costs of visas, carnets and permits.

However despite this looming catastrophe, the government seems unable or unwilling to fix this gaping hole in their trade deal and defaults to blaming the EU rather than finding ways out of this mess. The situation is already critical and touring musicians, crews and support staff are already losing their livelihood.”

He went on to say:

“I want to be clear that the issues of visa free and permit free touring aren’t about the impact on me and artists who tour arenas and stadiums. We are lucky enough to have the support staff, finance and infrastructure to cut through the red tape that Lord Frost’s no deal has created. This gravest of situations is about the damage to the next generation of musicians and emerging artists, whose careers will stall before they’ve even started due to this infuriating blame game.

If I had faced the obstacles facing young musicians now when I started out, I’d never have had the opportunity to build the foundations of my career and I very much doubt I would be where I am today.

During our meeting Lord Frost said trying to solve this issue is a long process. Unfortunately our industry doesn’t have time. It is dying now. The government have broken the promise they outlined in 2020 to protect musicians and other creative industries from the impact of Brexit on tours to Europe. They now need to find solutions in both the short and long term to ensure the UK music industry continues to thrive.

Due to the halt that COVID has imposed on touring, we have a window of opportunity. I call on the government to sort this mess out or we risk losing future generations of world beating talent. This is about whether one of the UK’s most successful industries, worth £111Bn a year, is allowed to prosper and contribute hugely to both our cultural and economic wealth, or crash and burn.”

Elton John is one of the most influential and prominent figures in rock history and culture and his popularity has been a great source of income for the United Kingdom too. Thus, his stance against the ambiguous future of the young bands that have been highly affected by Brexit should definitely be taken into consideration.