Elton John Reveals The Artist He Dubbed As The New Amy Winehouse

When it comes to promoting young talent, Elton John has been the wind beneath the wings of many rising stars. Recently, he’s discovered a new gem in the music industry, a singer who has left him awe-struck with his soulful voice. Meet the rising star from Southampton, Saint Harison, whose vocal prowess has led Elton John to a comparison with the late legend, Amy Winehouse.

In his recent Instagram post, Elton John shared a glimpse of his latest interview with Harison from his show Rocket Hour. During the interview, Elton John talked about the influencers in Harison’s musical journey, and he was quick to draw parallels with Amy Winehouse. As they spoke about Harison’s inspiration sources, the resemblance to Winehouse was hard to ignore for John.

Elton John’s Instagram post read:

“I am joined by the incredibly talented Saint Harison on this week’s Rocket Hour – what a voice! His new EP ‘lost a friend’ is out now, and I will be playing two of his other tracks as well as new music from Flo, Stephen Sanchez, the Chemical Brothers, and many more on Apple Music from 5 pm BST.”

In the interview, Elton John told Saint Harison the following:

“Your influences are obviously huge soul stars, like SZA, Whitney Houston, Billie Eilish, and Amy Winehouse. I can see this comparison between you and Amy Winehouse so much because you do what she did. Have you always had a voice like this?”

Harison responded:

“I started singing when I was seven. I used to sing who you mentioned, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. My granddad was a huge Motown fan, a huge fan of divas and massive voices.”

John continued praising Harison’s musical talent:

“You know, you have a huge career in front of you. We will always be supporting you on the show, on the Rocket Hour, because it’s so rare that you get such an incredible voice that knocks you for six. It’s extraordinary. And I congratulate you and everything because you haven’t made a bad record, you haven’t done a bad vocal, you’re just extraordinary.

After enjoying a whirlwind start to his career, Saint Harison’s new EP ‘lost a friend’ is already making waves in the music world. In a short time, two of his tracks have already notched up close to a million views on YouTube. With the likes of Justin Bieber and Timbaland rallying behind him and now Elton John pledging his support, Harison’s future in the music industry is as bright as it gets.