Elton John Reveals His New Collaboration With Metallica


Legendary musician Sir Elton John talked about the projects he has been working on a new episode of his Apple Music 1 show ‘Rocket Hour’ and confirmed that he ‘recorded something’ with Metallica.

The iconic British singer Elton John has been hosting his show named ‘Rocket Hour‘ on Apple Music radio every Saturday. During his shows, which recently celebrated their 250th episode, Elton has been welcoming the famous musicians to talk about their recent works and also the rising young musicians to promote their music.

In a recent episode of his show, Elton John welcomed young artist SG Lewis to talk about his latest album, ‘Times,’ which was released on February 19, 2021. During the conversation, John also shared his own projects he had been working on during the pandemic. Elton mentioned that he had done something with Metallica members, however, he didn’t give much detail about this mysterious project.

His collaboration with Metallica is considered to have a connection with the pop singer Miley Cyrus. As you may recall, Cyrus previously stated that her upcoming Metallica covers album will also feature a performance of Elton John, possibly on her version of ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ Yet, the details of this highly-anticipated project remained a mystery.

Here is what Elton John stated about his upcoming project with Metallica:

I’ve just done something with Metallica. During this lockdown period, I’ve been working with Gorillaz and people like that. I haven’t been doing any Elton stuff, but I’ve been doing great stuff with other people.”

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