Elton John And Sharon Osbourne Bid Farewell To Barry Humphries, Creator Of Dame Edna

Elton John and Sharon Osbourne recently shared farewell notes on Instagram for Barry Humphries, paying their respects to the late actor.

Humphries was best known among mainstream audiences for his iconic reprisal of Dame Edna Everage, but the actor’s career was more than the accomplishments of his satiric character. As most would argue, he was an intellectual, a comical and satirical genius, and a talented showman devoted to entertaining millions worldwide.

So, John and Osbourne paid their homage to the Australian actor, who passed away in his homeland aged 89. Both Elton and Sharon’s farewells emphasized how much of a dear friend Humphries was and how it was devastating to lose him. They also shared their pictures with Barry, posing with Dame Edna. Sharon also shared a snap of Barry with her husband, Ozzy, as the pair smiled all too happily.

Elton’s note stated:

“Barry was the funniest man ever. And the sweetest man ever. What a sad day. Love to Lizzy [Spender], Oscar, and Rupert. [Barry’s wife and sons].”

Sharon’s farewell followed:

“We lost an absolute treasure and a dear, dear friend. [Tagging] Dame Edna Everage.”

So, as the film and theatre industry lost a dear artist, it seems that Elton and Sharon lost a dear friend as they paid tribute to the late actor with sentimental messages. Humphries’ life, however, will carry on through the legacy he left and the numerous characters he introduced into millions’ lives.

Photo Credit: Elton John – Instagram

Photo Credit: Sharon Osbourne – Instagram