Elon Musk Says It’s Too Bad AC/DC Broke Up Referring To The Famous Rivalry Between Tesla And Edison

SpaceX founder Elon Musk shared a post on his official Twitter page making a hilarious joke about the infamous rivalry between electrical engineer Nikola Tesla and inventor Thomas Edison, using a reference to the legendary band AC/DC due to its name’s actual meaning.

As you already know, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla had two opposite opinions, known as the War of the Currents when Edison developed direct current which is shorthanded as DC and was the standard in the U.S, however, direct current is not easily converted to higher or lower voltages, therefore, Tesla believed that alternating current, also known as AC, was the solution to this problem.

This is when the great conflict between the two began since Edison wanted to keep the royalties he was earning from his direct current patents. That’s why he began a campaign to disprove alternating current and spread false information alleging that AC was more dangerous than DC. Despite Edison’s efforts, the alternating current became more dominant in those days.

Ultimately, today’s electricity is working with both currents with new technologies, ending up having a hybrid of AC/DC despite the fact that alternating current is still dominantly being used, however, everyday utensils such as computers, LEDs, and electric vehicles all run on DC power still.

On behalf of this ‘War of the Currents,’ Elon Musk shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing a picture of two genius, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison while making a joke about the rivalry between them, using the name of the iconic band AC/DC with the band’s style. Musk also referred to Tesla and Edison as a ‘band,’ making a hilarious pun.

Here is what Musk said:

Great band, too bad they broke up”

You can see the Twitter post below.