Eddie Vedder’s Wife Jill Addresses Johnny Deep Lawsuit, ‘Some Women Destroyed Innocent Men’s Lives’

Pearl Jam guitarist Eddie Vedder‘s wife Jill posted a video of Johnny Depp and advocated that he is an innocent man.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in 2015, but their happiness did not last long. Heard claimed that Depp had abusive behaviors toward her during their marriage. These allegations brought them to divorce in 2017. However, the accusations between the couple have continued since then.

Amber Heard wrote about the domestic abuse she experienced in an article without giving Depp’s name in 2018. Depp, who thought this article was about him, sued Heard because this issue affected his career negatively. The trial has been continuing since April 12, 2022. While Heard has claimed that Depp had violent attitudes toward her, Depp has not accepted these accusations.

People have been talking about this case, especially on social media. Famous people who know the couple have expressed their sides. For instance, Alice Cooper stated in a previous interview that Johnny Depp is a person who cannot hurt anybody. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry was the other name who supported Depp, indicating that he was a gentleman.

Recently, Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill spoke about this issue on her official Instagram by sharing Johnny Depp’s video from the music video of Paul McCartney’s ‘My Valentine.’ Jil Vedder mentioned that although this video might cause some conflicts, she wanted to share still. Vedder said that she knows Depp as a gentleman. Although she supports women’s rights and the ‘Me Too’ movement, she also thinks some women devastate innocent men’s lives, like Johnny Depp.

Jill Vedder wrote in her words:

“Might be controversial to post this video with J.D; I don’t care. Know him only to be a gentleman. And while I support women and the ‘me too’ movement, I also know some women who have destroyed the lives of innocent and good men, including Johnny Depp. P.s verbal abuse is not cool. Watch your tongue.”

While the trial between Depp and Heard has been proceeding, countless celebrities have expressed their view about the issue. Jill Vedder has become one of these names supporting Depp. As long as the lawsuit continues, many other names seem to be able to voice their opinions.